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I figure even IF my secret pal could have figured out who I was, she'd never look here.  Home sweet home...I am officially cancelling my other site on February 19.  

Anyway, that's MY Secret Pal.  I finished with the gifting yesterday when [profile] popsinpa braved the cold and bitterness and went to the PO and got that thing out priority.  Now I just need to get the numbers from him to report them back to her so she can track it's progress to...well, that would be tipping my hand now wouldn't it.

But as fate would have it, my SP9 package arrived yesterday morning and such a package it was.  Now my Secret Pal has spoiled me just rotten.  Rotten enough that I haven't adequately given her enough credit for it.

First came a package early on with BEEEE-YOOO-TEOUS pink yarn and instructions for making the felted slippers I have been coveting!!!  Woot!!!  And I am just about ready to make them too.  At first I just couldn't.  Why?  Well, when it was 60F most of November...yeah, keeping your tootsies warm and toasty isn't exactly a priority.  But now?  Hell yeah.  I am all over those felted slippers, believe you me!

The second package came at Hanukkah.  Now I'll probably forget everything that was in it but from what I remember, there was a packet of bean soup dressed in a cute little Hanukkah-inspired cloth bag, some fabulous pink and purple and bluey yarn with instructions to make a scarf.  Haven't gotten to that quite yet but it's on the list for sure since I need one!!  What else was in that terrific package?  My poor old memory abandons me...figures.

Anyway, then the last package.  Of course I still remember what was in it.  Yay me!  There was a packet of Burt's Bees lip shimmer in (!) pomegranate.  And some cooling lotion which will be especially valuable in April when I whip out the Birks again.  And my favorite...some handmade soap in limonella.  It's from www.GotSoap.com and I am all over it...I want some sandlewood which is my new favorite fragrance so I was absolutely delighted with the soap...because now I have a new scent addiction!  Okay, then there was a tape measure because believe me, when you're knitting socks or little finger bits for the Knucks I obsessively knit ...you can't have too many tape measures.  Seriously.  

Now the thing that's just jumping up and down in my feeble-old memory is the needle case which is the best toy I have ever gotten.  I mean, yeah, it holds needles too.  But it also turns over and inside out and there's no hinge and it's just way cool.  I played with it until LOST came on.  Evan said it was magic and then he tried to figure it out but he couldn't.  My SP also included some pink and blue needles inside...so we moved them around the make it look like they were moving by magic.  Yeah, it doesn't take much.

Oh yeah, and some tulips to knit.  Now how friggin' cool is that?  Really.  I thought they were bulbs until I stopped playing with the needle case long enough to really look and realize they weren't bulbs at all but little balls of YARN!  Seriously neat.

And now the memory craps out so I'll check again tonight just to be sure I didn't miss anything because I know I did.  In any event, I was spoiled rotten.  Fabulous SP...fabulous!  BRAVA!!!  She included her name and blog but wasn't sure if she was up or not...so I am waiting on that.  Okay, that and I left the card that HAD that info on it at home.

So now the only thing left is for MY secret pal to get HER package.  Since I forgot to send the card revealing my "true" identity....I'll have to send an ecard instead to do just that.  Whatever.  Gotta love me, right????
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