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It is cold.  I know I have already told you this and explained it all to you very thoroughly but let me just say once more, for effect, it is cold.

Yesterday morning, when I got up, it was -3F degrees.  While I laid there and watched TV, it fell to -4F.

But you wouldn't know it by MY house.  Nope, I was lying there with the fan on and no covers.

The Life of Riley you say?

More like the life of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

You see...when it gets below, oh, 15F, then we start having issues.  Up to that point, turning the thermostat down to 60F at night before we go to bed would put a quaint chill on the place necessitating, oh, I don't know, a warm feather throw on the bed or maybe a cat.  But this kind of cold...this bone jarring cold...is causing the boiler to run NONSTOP to heat the downstairs to the thermostat setting of 65.  And what that does to the upstairs is create a envirosphere akin to a tropical desert on the Equator.

I felt like maybe I had tanned in my sleep and by the time I got dressed and took the plunge to go downstairs...it was more like doing the Polar Bear run into the Mon River.  I shit you not, it went from something like 85F on the Equator to 60F and some change in McMurdo, when I reached the bottom of the steps.  

That's intense.  

Today wasn't quite as bad.  It was a balmy 7F when I woke up at 5:50 and right now, it's sunny out and it even looks like the salt's starting to work.  

This, however, says it all.


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