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I was cleaning up my godforsaken room and started to put all my recent yarn porn into a bag for safe keeping since the dog has recently decided my room should be ransacked at will...but I digress.  Anyway, I was putting it all in the bag when I realized, quite suddenly too, that while I never did before, I seem to have A Stash.

I have some old sock yarn I had gotten when I was knitting The Socks...and I also have quite a bit of Felted Tweed for knucks.  But since I owe at least 4 pair of knucks, that at least seems to have some utilitarian value.  I also have a skein of pink that my SP9 pal gifted me with - I have made one felted bootie and need to complete the other.  But there's a lot in there that I just got because it spoke to me or I touched it and it leaped without my assistance or knowledge into my cart in the store.  Or the color was just so fetching I carried it around and absentmindedly bought it.


This from a woman who has no pants that fit and will be precariously close to going to work starkers if the weather warms up past 50F in the next few weeks.  I certainly have NO business feeding A Stash when I need clothes on my gigantic ass.  M'kay?

And a SHOPPING BAG full?  Seriously.


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