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Tonight starts Evan's very first Shabbaton and actually, his very first sleepover at someplace where the primary peeps are not related to us in some way.  I have to admit I am excited and nervous for him although I have downplayed that a lot because I don't want HIM to begin to freak in his own unimitable Evan kind of way.

I found out this morning that he'll be staying at the Yachad Director's house.  That's probably the next best thing to staying with Someone We Know.  We sent Goodnights (that's what they're for right?) and ziplock bags to dispose of them.  We had to purchase white dress shirts for Shabbos and he already had blue slacks and black Skechers.  And his black velvet kippah.

He was asked to give the d'var torah at Shabbos services...what a great honor for him!  He and Aharon have been working on it for two weeks although they did miss this week because Aharon inadvertantly ended up in the ER on Monday night.  I am not sure Evan gets how big of a deal this is and I wasn't planning on telling him.  I figure, let him experience it himself.  This is about him and his growing up and finding his place in the world.  He'll figure it out.

I am nervous though.  Like I was when he spent his first full day in daycare and later, his first half day in kindergarten and still later, his first full day in first grade.  And I know all of those times he made his way and did so very well and I have no doubt whatsoever that he will this time too.

It's just another bittersweet milestone as we all watch this little boy become a man.

On Sunday, we pick him up around lunchtime.  And as usual I am sure he won't tell me a thing and I'll have to extract each detail the way you pull all the good things out of salad first...at least you try to.  All of the memories will be his and what he thinks about what happened and who he met and how he felt will remain locked away.  Little bits will trickle out here and there...probably a year from now, suddenly, it will occur to him to make a comment about part of it.  But for now, it will be a quiet mystery. 

Just like Evan.


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