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Over night, it seems, the stars and planets have aligned because YES!  We have gotten the coveted SECOND official snow day!

This day is also officially sanctioned as my boss called me at 6:02am to inform me what I already knew - our college had officially closed.  What I DIDN'T know was that the VP in charge of buildings and maintenance (who is also the father of one of our Twins) called Daddy personally and told him that the college was closed and therefore, WE were closed.


Daddy didn't have Martha's number and Mother had already left home so he asked me to try to find them, which I did.  Mother goes to her daughter's every morning and was most of the way there.  I think if she had known we were closed she wouldn't have gone...and consequently, she wouldn't have fallen in her driveway and hurt her shoulder either.

Martha was still in bed.

I was happy because there is about 1/2 inch of ice covering everything outside and I knew it was going to take at least a half hour to chisel into my car...and then white-knuckle it over ice-covered roads to work.  I was also happy because in years past even when the college closed, we remained open.  I have always had questions about that and about safety....issues that have been brought up by the college and by our Board before....so I was happy that the college decided for us.  They were closed so we were closed.

I don't know if this means we'll lose Monday which we were scheduled to have off for President's Day but I actually don't care.  I do wonder if they can do this when we closed but it wasn't because we all agreed that we'd give up Monday if we could close today.  Either way I am glad to be inside right now as opposed to outside.

I already have my second load of laundry in.  I have battled my way through the Incredible Sheet Backlog and will start working on Regular Clothes next.  I am not sure where I'll store the sheets but I am sure I'll find a place.   We have some shelving in the basement that I think I'll organize so the sheets can go there.  I have to admit when Evan woke up and needed dry sheets, I was really happy to be able to hand him a set of warm flannels, a blanket and a dry comforter.

So what will the legendary second snow day bring?  Most likely we'll stay inside.  I got up at 5:30 and stayed up.  I didn't nap yesterday simply because I have to stay "on schedule."  I did stay up until nearly 11pm last night watching "Snow Day." 

I have 6 knucks to make...individual gloves, that is.  I finished one yesterday and started another...I'd like to finish that today.  I will also continue to climb Mt. Laundry because the summit is now in sight.  Maybe Ev and I will play DaVinci Code - we didn't get to that yesterday.  I got "Hannah and Her Sisters" in the mail Friday so there's always that and I am in the middle of a book that could definitely use finishing.  I do have stuff from work but....


It's the legendary second snow day and ANYTHING can happen!!!


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