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I have come to the conclusion that, despite my earlier resistance to the idea, I am going to have to bite the bullet as it were and go to grad school. Pops and I discussed this last night.

Considering I am the sole breadwinner, for the most part, in our family...my income cannot become stagnant. And the only way I am moving up and out is to have that sheepskin...them's the facts baby.

Now to decide what to do. Law school? I have always always always wanted to be a lawyer although the last time I tried was back in the late 80's and thanks to LA Law...well, everyone ELSE also wanted to be a lawyer and despite decent undergrad grades and decent LSAT scores...I eventually was "preliminarily" accepted to George Mason and told they'd most likely take 20 from the "preliminary" contracts class they had us take to prove our worth to them.

I finished 12th out of 32 and they took 9. Cut me a break - one of my classmates was a speech writer at the White House for Reagan!!!

Well, anyway, here we are.

The hard way would be to attend Duquesne University's part time evening program and finish in 4 years with a JD and rack up probably $125k EASY in loans. The easy way would be to attend Regis University's online Master of Nonprofit Management for $12k. It's really $15k but my organization would reimburse $3k of that.

Seems a no brainer at least for now.

The goal would clearly be to take over my organization when Daddy retires in 10 years or so. And I'd be well positioned for it. Not to mention, one of the Twins took the Regis program a few years ago and I typed all his papers so I KNOW what is coming.

So...law school remains the pipe dream. Maybe when I am Queen o' the Organization I can start to think about it again. Until then...time's a wastin'.


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