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Last night as [profile] popsinpa said, we went to the bowling alley. Now normally, we bowl on Saturday afternoons but since it was M's birthday last night and she had whined about the quality of our bowling alley (let's face it, it's pretty raggedy), we decided to take her there and make her bowl.

We're cool that way, you know?

Anyway, the week before we did cosmic bowling for Ev's birthday. But he didn't do so well and we figured it was the strobes and lasers from cosmic bowling. So we decided to go a little earlier and then hit Buffalo Wild Wings at 9:30 for dinner. And that was mostly because M had whined yet more about how we never go there with her to play the NTN Trivia games SHE wants to play...well, anyway, we decided we'd get it over with and tell her not to whine for the rest of the year.

Bowling went well.  I didn't crack 100 but I came close.  I am a little disappointed that my game isn't improving but after reading [profile] popsinpa's entry today, I am starting to think it wasn't ME but rather the lane we were on.

Trivia also went well.  It was about TV Neighbors and then another about News...we did okay.  I didn't win either game....always the bridesmaid and never the bride as it were.  Poor Evan though was a wreck.  It was WAY past his bedtime and even the hit of 100% pure Coca-Cola didn't help.  We finally came home at 11:30 - it was BUTT cold and we nearly froze even AFTER the heater came on in the car.

So another birthday in the bag for old M.  And I do mean OLD (as she is now officially 3 months my elder - not that she wasn't always 3 months older...it's just more significant when she's up another number and I am not).  Of course, I started telling people I was 40 when I was just 39 and then I completely forgot HOW old I was...so in my little mind, I'll always be 40.  I get a lot of satisfaction that my RealAge is 36.5 though.

A lot!


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