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Remember when I told you it was so hot here that I saw the devil riding his quad out of the city limits?  


I don't remember either and waking up to a temperature of -3F with a wind chill in the negative teens didn't make me remember any better.  I am sure, though, that when the temps skyrocket this summer to 97F and change with a heat index of 110F, I'll be saying pretty much the same thing.

In the meantime, I moved the puppies upstairs last night.  I live in a 100 year old house that is heated with a boiler.  And while water heat is the Cadillac of all heating methods, when it gets THIS cold...face reality, our upstairs turns into the Bahamas just so we can keep the downstairs in the Ontario range.  

I actually took my penguin thermometer that Evan made for me and clocked it.  It was 7 degrees outside and the upstairs was a full 12 degrees warmer than the downstairs.  When we got up this morning, I had left the thermostat (which is downstairs in the dining room) at 65 (and yes campers, that's a full FIVE degrees hotter than usual) and we had broken out in a sweat upstairs.  I hurried down and turned on the space heater in the living room and cranked the heat - I bet by now the boys have stripped to their skivvies up there.

Anyway, school was delayed and then cancelled.  Pops called doing his "There's no school today!" dance which was followed closely by the Boy doing HIS "No Hebrew school today!" dance when the governing school district for THAT closed at 9:00.

I feel REALLY badly that J-town didn't close their schools.  That's our home district and they don't have full bussing...the high school students have NO bussing.  Well, at least they delayed 2 hours so they'll be able to see the little buggers frozen to the sidewalks by daylight I suppose.   I have to say, when at least half your district walks it's a bit irresponsible NOT to cancel when it's below zero.

In the meantime, I am getting ready to enjoy some Celestial Seasonings "Sugar Cookie" herb tea.  [profile] skyforestrecommended it...and boy, is it good.  I ordered two boxes online and snagged two boxes of decaf vanilla maple to go with it, and while expensive when it all came down to it what with shipping and handling....come on, cut me a break!  I have to have SOME joy in my sitting-here-freezing-my-cunyuns-off life don't I?


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