Mar. 15th, 2007 10:23 am
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I am getting a night off and I can hardly believe it. Of course this glee is tempered by the fact that tomorrow is the Sisterhood Shabbat and I have a part - ugh. And that Four is off in sunny Florida visiting her new granddaughter and I am left alone to slog through the irony of all of this alone.

Last night we went to the Jewish Israeli Film Festival. They dragged our sorry butts all the way to Delmont because of one particular Temple That Shall Not Be Named but which has a reputation as hoity-toity and Up Their Own Asses. They had lobbied to have the location made More Convenient. Actually it wasn't all THAT inconvenient to me...six to one and a half dozen to the other based on where we were LAST year but still.

I think they collected less than 40 tickets whereas last year our little community all by it's lonesome got over 50. There was much gnashing of teeth I can tell you over this.

Anyway, the movie was about a Jewish guy named Fishke who led a band of beggars. He was their king and savior. Anthony later said he looked a lot like Jesus and the movie had that kind of subtheme running through it. Dude got his throat slit at the end (sorry if I ruined it for you) but overall, blood, guts, gore and lots of naked, old, white guy butts. Too many if you really want to know. Evan said he liked the boob parts the best - that would be when Fishke got his...in the biblical sense and well before he got offed while sitting under a tree.

The dude playing Fishke??? Serious eye candy. His eyes were so beautiful, it occured to me I could look into them forever. At first I wasn't all over the long hair, wandering through the woods in dirty clothes and ohmygosh they don't even brush their teeth look...but boy, Those Eyes!

Three out of Four Matzot for violence and gore....one out of four for naked, old white guys....four out of four for Fishke!


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