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Okay, here we go:

Okay, to recap:  One says 2-4" of snow, one says a snowy rain and the other one...who the hell even understands the graphics.  They're hedging.

What's Weather Pixie doing?  Who knows.  It's the Ides of March.  Rock on!
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I Freudianly left my mah jongg purse at work.

I SOOO want to play, can you tell?

In related news, we're having groundhog for dinner tomorrow night...hopefully flambeyed.  That is, after we shovel off the 4-6" that some idiot pathologically lying weatherman has now blessed us with tomorrow.

I also have a doctor's appointment at 8am.

Whee!!!  This should be fun.
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Last night we all went to see "Light in the Piazza."


I just have to say that while driving home in the unpredicted, virtual white out that followed,, the following was uttered by me:

"This was SO not the play worth dying for!  WICKED, yes.  PHANTOM, yes.  THIS????  I am ashamed that I will probably die in this blizzard because I had to go see this play."

I got home at 11:30 after risking the lives of everyone in the car to get M home.  I didn't see a single salt truck for an entire hour...the turnpike was covered and so was Rt. 30 which I didn't really expect to be covered but it was.  By the time we dropped M off, though, it had stopped and the sky was clear. 

Snow squalls are just plain weird.

Anyway, I watched Earl and The Office...then fell asleep about 12:30.

I feel like crap needless to say but at least it's sunny outside.

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Over night, it seems, the stars and planets have aligned because YES!  We have gotten the coveted SECOND official snow day!

This day is also officially sanctioned as my boss called me at 6:02am to inform me what I already knew - our college had officially closed.  What I DIDN'T know was that the VP in charge of buildings and maintenance (who is also the father of one of our Twins) called Daddy personally and told him that the college was closed and therefore, WE were closed.


Daddy didn't have Martha's number and Mother had already left home so he asked me to try to find them, which I did.  Mother goes to her daughter's every morning and was most of the way there.  I think if she had known we were closed she wouldn't have gone...and consequently, she wouldn't have fallen in her driveway and hurt her shoulder either.

Martha was still in bed.

I was happy because there is about 1/2 inch of ice covering everything outside and I knew it was going to take at least a half hour to chisel into my car...and then white-knuckle it over ice-covered roads to work.  I was also happy because in years past even when the college closed, we remained open.  I have always had questions about that and about safety....issues that have been brought up by the college and by our Board before....so I was happy that the college decided for us.  They were closed so we were closed.

I don't know if this means we'll lose Monday which we were scheduled to have off for President's Day but I actually don't care.  I do wonder if they can do this when we closed but it wasn't because we all agreed that we'd give up Monday if we could close today.  Either way I am glad to be inside right now as opposed to outside.

I already have my second load of laundry in.  I have battled my way through the Incredible Sheet Backlog and will start working on Regular Clothes next.  I am not sure where I'll store the sheets but I am sure I'll find a place.   We have some shelving in the basement that I think I'll organize so the sheets can go there.  I have to admit when Evan woke up and needed dry sheets, I was really happy to be able to hand him a set of warm flannels, a blanket and a dry comforter.

So what will the legendary second snow day bring?  Most likely we'll stay inside.  I got up at 5:30 and stayed up.  I didn't nap yesterday simply because I have to stay "on schedule."  I did stay up until nearly 11pm last night watching "Snow Day." 

I have 6 knucks to make...individual gloves, that is.  I finished one yesterday and started another...I'd like to finish that today.  I will also continue to climb Mt. Laundry because the summit is now in sight.  Maybe Ev and I will play DaVinci Code - we didn't get to that yesterday.  I got "Hannah and Her Sisters" in the mail Friday so there's always that and I am in the middle of a book that could definitely use finishing.  I do have stuff from work but....


It's the legendary second snow day and ANYTHING can happen!!!
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When I titled the last post "The Legendary Second Snow Day", I really WAS kidding.

It was a not-so-obtuse reference to the movie "Snow Day" which details the arrival of snow in a snowless winter for a bunch of kids and how they finnagled the "legendary" second snow day by hijacking the Snowplow Guy and un-plowing the roads.  

Sorry if I ruined it for you.

Anyway, over the past weekend they threatened us with it but so far this winter we have been practically snowless and every other time they threatened us, the storm would skirt us to the south and we ended up with nothing.  Of course, when they started on FRIDAY with the "we're in line for a really potent storm!" we all figured it would miss us once again...and I really think that even up to this morning people STILL thought it would drive right by to our south and leave us with nothing more than clouds and cold.

Well, hush my mouth and make me eat chitlins' but didn't it just camp on our doorstep today?  

I just saw that our county got 6.5" so far and they're expecting another 1-3" by tomorrow.  The local airport is reporting just 2" but I think someone may be delusional out there.  There's just no way, especially since the airport is at the foot of the mountains and usually gets a lot more than we do here in J-Town.

The college where I work closed at 2pm.  I had taken a day so I'll be charged for the entire day which is fine...I just couldn't bring myself to white-knuckle it to work today and then sit there and worry about white-knuckling it home as the sun set.  I haven't heard from Mother since 1pm so I am figuring they all left.  

M's office closed at 4 instead of 6 and the closings on tv indicate that no one is going anywhere tonight and most likely tomorrow.

Which brings us to the topic of the legendary second snow day for real.

If I stay home tomorrow, that will be 2 of my coveted and saved 10 PTO days to date leaving me with 8.  And since I like to carry over 5, that leaves me with 3 to be spent between now and Memorial Day weekend when I had been planning on taking 5 to head for the beach.  I guess that won't happen.  At least not 5 anyway.  I just have to get into the mindset that it's better to spend a day and not end up dead on the side of the road than to save it just to drive 6 hours to the beach for a few days right?

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Not exactly...it's only the first but I AM hopeful.  It's supposed to get icy and while I will brave snow, I never brave ice so I decided that since school is closed in J-town as well as Evan's school, I am taking a snow day.

And what will I do???  

Laundry.  More laundry.  TONS OF LAUNDRY.  

I told Ev we'd play a game too.  We have a new DaVinci Code game for the PS2 and he's still battling Luigi's Mansion so we will do that and fold laundry and have a nice, cozy day inside.

Maybe I can talk him into watching "Snow Day" too!!!


Feb. 12th, 2007 04:07 pm
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Hey, check out the Weather Pixie!  It's 4:08 in the afternoon and my girl over there says its 34F!

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If you live in Pittsburgh and have a heartbeat, you know who this is.  It's Nyia Page.  Or rather the LATE Nyia Page.

Her daddy got pissed off because she wouldn't go to bed so he could all biddy with the 6 year old boy in the house and so he knocked her over and she hit her head.  So then what did daddy do?  He took his little precious out in the subzero temperatures dressed in a diaper and a sweater and wrapped her in a blanket and left her there while he went back home...you know, to get biddy.

Friggin' asshole.

Nyia woke up and wandered around...barefoot in the snow.  It was in the negative digits that night people and what did this fine specimen do?  He left her out there to die.  To freeze to death.  While he molested her 6 year old brother.

I am not for the death penalty but I really do hope he gets to be Bubba's girlfriend real quick.  And then once the broomstick is wedged up his ass?  Throw him out into the snow to die too.

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It's February 8 and it's 10:18am.  I am tired.  I have been tired all week and yeah, okay, staying up to watch LOST until 11:00 and then trying to catch the weather at 11:15 wasn't the best idea I've ever had, I'll admit.  Consequently, I woke up when the TV turned on at 5:50 and COULD.NOT.BELIEVE. that it was time to get up.  Between that and hallucinating half the night...I don't know why but whenever that damned cat sleeps right by my head, I am thinking there are live grenades in the room.  Yeah, LIVE FREAKING GRENADES.  What the hell is up with that?

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It is cold.  I know I have already told you this and explained it all to you very thoroughly but let me just say once more, for effect, it is cold.

Yesterday morning, when I got up, it was -3F degrees.  While I laid there and watched TV, it fell to -4F.

But you wouldn't know it by MY house.  Nope, I was lying there with the fan on and no covers.

The Life of Riley you say?

More like the life of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

You see...when it gets below, oh, 15F, then we start having issues.  Up to that point, turning the thermostat down to 60F at night before we go to bed would put a quaint chill on the place necessitating, oh, I don't know, a warm feather throw on the bed or maybe a cat.  But this kind of cold...this bone jarring cold...is causing the boiler to run NONSTOP to heat the downstairs to the thermostat setting of 65.  And what that does to the upstairs is create a envirosphere akin to a tropical desert on the Equator.

I felt like maybe I had tanned in my sleep and by the time I got dressed and took the plunge to go downstairs...it was more like doing the Polar Bear run into the Mon River.  I shit you not, it went from something like 85F on the Equator to 60F and some change in McMurdo, when I reached the bottom of the steps.  

That's intense.  

Today wasn't quite as bad.  It was a balmy 7F when I woke up at 5:50 and right now, it's sunny out and it even looks like the salt's starting to work.  

This, however, says it all.

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Remember when I told you it was so hot here that I saw the devil riding his quad out of the city limits?  


I don't remember either and waking up to a temperature of -3F with a wind chill in the negative teens didn't make me remember any better.  I am sure, though, that when the temps skyrocket this summer to 97F and change with a heat index of 110F, I'll be saying pretty much the same thing.

In the meantime, I moved the puppies upstairs last night.  I live in a 100 year old house that is heated with a boiler.  And while water heat is the Cadillac of all heating methods, when it gets THIS cold...face reality, our upstairs turns into the Bahamas just so we can keep the downstairs in the Ontario range.  

I actually took my penguin thermometer that Evan made for me and clocked it.  It was 7 degrees outside and the upstairs was a full 12 degrees warmer than the downstairs.  When we got up this morning, I had left the thermostat (which is downstairs in the dining room) at 65 (and yes campers, that's a full FIVE degrees hotter than usual) and we had broken out in a sweat upstairs.  I hurried down and turned on the space heater in the living room and cranked the heat - I bet by now the boys have stripped to their skivvies up there.

Anyway, school was delayed and then cancelled.  Pops called doing his "There's no school today!" dance which was followed closely by the Boy doing HIS "No Hebrew school today!" dance when the governing school district for THAT closed at 9:00.

I feel REALLY badly that J-town didn't close their schools.  That's our home district and they don't have full bussing...the high school students have NO bussing.  Well, at least they delayed 2 hours so they'll be able to see the little buggers frozen to the sidewalks by daylight I suppose.   I have to say, when at least half your district walks it's a bit irresponsible NOT to cancel when it's below zero.

In the meantime, I am getting ready to enjoy some Celestial Seasonings "Sugar Cookie" herb tea.  [profile] skyforestrecommended it...and boy, is it good.  I ordered two boxes online and snagged two boxes of decaf vanilla maple to go with it, and while expensive when it all came down to it what with shipping and handling....come on, cut me a break!  I have to have SOME joy in my sitting-here-freezing-my-cunyuns-off life don't I?
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It's Not NICE To Fool Mother Nature

Well, nice or not, this morning the snow WASN'T flying and the roads were about as clear as they've been this week.  I am NOT complaining.  

I did pass an interesting car today as I tooled down Rt. 119 to Youngwood.  Hyundai...tiny.  Has two stickers on the back windshield that say "My Vote Is Not For Sale."  Okay.  Then  in between those is a sticker for Representative Tim Murphy-R.  I found that kind of interesting.  

I had to pass him then.  Driver window ALL the way down.  Now remember, it's 12F with the wind chill today, so I found this kind of eye-snapping.  When I looked, because, come on, an open window at 12F WILL make you look...there's a HUGE piece of cardboard taped to the front windshield.  WTF?  And I am pretty sure Dude is hanging out the open window just to SEE.

Very eye snapping at 7:15 this morning, very eye-snapping.

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Apparantly when there's a 2 hour delay, the road crews have started taking one as well!

I live on a hill.  I don't know what the grade is but let's just say, if it gets icy you aren't going anywhere - up OR down!  And it's not just the hill that's in front of my house - the whole city is like a teacup.  You have to go up and down or down and up to just go anywhere!  Sucks.

Today the roads weren't even salted.  The only tracks were those of the brave few who left before *I* did.  Okay, I figured, wait until I get to a state road...things will improve.  The STATE will have taken care of the roads even if the doofai in MY community can't be bothered.

Au contraire mon frer!  The state road was JUST as bad.  The best things got was when I got to G-burg.  At least the tracks I could drive in were a little clearer.

Back on a state road and back to driving in the snow covered tracks of the car in front of me.  Which is fine, I guess, if that's the only way and it's a blizzard and you have to get medical attention even though the governor has declared a state of emergency and no one's supposed to be out on the road but "essential personnel."

Problem IS...it's NOT a blizzard and there WASN'T a state of emergency - so WTF?  Why did the roads make me think I was on "Little House on the Prairie"???


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