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I just can't help but feel really depressed when I read all about this week's State of the Union address. Sometimes I wonder what the hell George Bush is even thinking about other than salvaging a failed presidency? It certainly isn't about next year or even the year after that because if it were about those things...well, we wouldn't have a $300 BILLION deficit now would we?

And what makes that worse is that when Clinton left office we had a $300 BILLION surplus.

Now I can't argue with money well spent even if it got us to the same point where we are now although I will argue that that $300 BILLION we're in the hole WASN'T money well spent because if it WAS, well, we wouldn't BE at the point we're at. Waste in any form really irritates me especially this kind...and especially when I see homeless people on the street, a shrinking middle class and families who cannot afford to put food on the table.

And it makes me think. I had to buy bread for Evan the other day. He prefers Wonder Bread and so I grabbed a loaf and asked Anth "Is this the kind he likes?" That made me stop right in my tracks as I realized I could at least provide my child with the bread he LIKES...there are too many people who can't even provide their kids with the bread they NEED.

That $300 BILLION would sure go a long way to fix a lot of what's wrong in this country. I hear people saying, "It's not my job to take care of HIM!" But wouldn't taking care of our own be preferable to dumping money into that quicksand pit called Iraq? Money we'll never see or hear from again until it's regurgitated out of the pockets of the Haliburton employees when they go for their weekly shopping trip to WalMart?


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