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Snowy Sunday morning here and I am up and have showered and washed and dried my hair.  Now to get dressed.  Our agenda today is Sunday School.  The Young Schlichim are coming to do the Tu B'Shvat program - Festival of the Trees.  The little kids don't really know WHAT to think about this kind of thing.  LAST year they refused to drink the four different colors of grape juice.

After that Evan has Yachad.  W, the Yachad lady, wants us to drive a carload of kids to the event since the bus company crapped out on her.  I said we would but it's supposed to snow again...the kind we had when she wrecked her van last weekend and I am not all that wild about taking a 30 minute trip out of the city to a mall I don't really know how to get to in the snow with a bunch of kids in the car I am not related to.  I think we're on standby.  We'll see what's happening at 11:30 just before we leave.  If the roads are covered or starting to glaze...I just don't think we'll be able to do this.  I only went LAST week because I knew W had gotten Ev a cake.

We should get home by 4pm hopefully and then it's the wind down to Monday morning when it's supposed to be butt cold again for the ride to work.  Fortunately this week I don't have anything going except a field trip on Wednesday which is okay because I'll get lunch, with any luck, at Titlow's.  Now the NEXT week is another story.  Three field trips - one of which is a day trip to and from Harrisburg for a meeting.  Unless it snows.

Then ALL bets are off.


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