May. 28th, 2009

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  • 16:35 Headed to see " Spring Awakening" - thumbs up or not? #
  • 17:31 Sitting at dinner before the big show! #
  • 10:03 didn't care much for "spring awakening" - I GOT the much angsty and overstated point but it just didn't make me CARE #
  • 10:03 Boker Tov Tweeterverse! #
  • 10:03 @hsabomilner go KoD! #
  • 10:06 @orieyenta he won't care for it. I don't think so anyway. Too creepy and angsty for me and it just...didn't stir me. #
  • 10:07 @hsabomilner tired after the play and BUSY getting ready for the festivities tonight! #
  • 10:07 @jenallev Boker Tov! #
  • 10:08 RT @JewishTweets: So, who's ready for the Jewish Tweet Up at the foot of Mount Sinai? ;) #Shavuot #Torah #
  • 10:08 @hsabomilner yes but not tomorrow! And you'll have your KoD by then too! Happy Happy! #
  • 10:09 how do I hate Tweetdeck, let me count the ways... #
  • 10:09 @jewishevents asshole #
  • 10:11 @orieyenta it was....creepy. Better than "Light on the Piazza" and the Rockettes but still...definitely not something I'd see again. #
  • 10:13 The Color Purple would! Haven't seen that yet. Next year we get DreamGirls, Young FRankenstein and In the Heights #
  • 10:14 @Aidishe_1 it bogs down a lot...I get way behind on replies #
  • 10:17 @orieyenta we get good stuff. This year we had Spamalot (again), Wicked (again), Rent (again) and Jersey Boys. Stellar season! #
  • 10:18 @orieyenta Lets year: Xanadu (OMG), August Osage Co., In the Heights, Grease, Young Frank, and Dreamgirls. And the Rocketttes. #
  • 10:20 @crabbything Sometimes it doesn't deliver as fast as it should. I wait and wait and then go to Twitter and find replies all over the place. #
  • 10:20 I think instead of spinach cheese lasagna tonight...may opt for pizza. Save the lasagna for shabbos! #
  • 10:26 RT: @ChadwickWarren: Voice your opinion for Pennsylvania Gay Rights in today's online Post Gazette poll: #
  • 10:26 @jewishevents yeah, I do :) Sorry...emotional tweeting there. #
  • 10:32 @jewishevents excellent piece on NPR recently about that cookbook and it's many incarnations! #
  • 10:33 @jewishevents I don't blame you - it was a careless mistake on my part. I am really sorry!!!! #
  • 10:36 I now have to go home. Grrr. Anth can't find my keys and is angry so very maturely turned off his phone and won't answer the house phone. #
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